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Our Story

The Fishmonger Life

Adrian and Ismael began their careers as chefs working in kitchens all over the world until they crossed paths in San Francisco. Their friendship began while they both cooked at the One Market Restaurant and continued as they took on various roles within the Lark Creek Restaurant Group. Ismael became chef of Lark Creek Steak, while Adrian went from Chef at One Market to Vice President and Culinary Director.


In 2015, they ventured out on their own business and started a wholesale seafood distribution company called Four Star Seafood. Adrian and Ismael expanded and moved the business from Pier 45 to the Bayview. Then, Ismael's brother Esteban joined the team. Together, all three decided to open Billingsgate Market in 

Noe Valley. The project has been two years in the making!

The Concept: A cafe and market that would give the home consumer access to the highest quality seafood and provide a meeting place for a light meal and glass of wine or coffee in the neighborhood. Adrian and Ismael imagined that we would eventually bring in chefs to instruct and demonstrate that cooking seafood isn't as difficult as many of us believe!

Billingsgate opened quietly in early December 2020 as a market and take away operation during another Shelter-In-Place order by the city of San Francisco.

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